About Us

Hi there fellow chicken enthusiast!

My name is Mike Kingston and I started   ‘HatchingChickenEggsNow.com’   in late 2009 to provide answers to even the most basic of questions about incubating and hatching baby chickens.

In my free email course I offer some great tips for getting maximum success out of your hatching process, whether you’re using a broody hen or an incubator to incubate and hatch your eggs.

We raised chickens for over 20 years and during that time learned what worked and what didn’t as far as hatching chicken eggs is concerned.

We got started with chickens when, out of the blue, we were given 8 cross-bred bantams which we set up in our back garden.

But when a hen (or two) went broody, we just couldn’t resist it!   Well could you?

A couple of clutches of eggs later we seemed to have chicks and young birds everywhere!

Yes It's Me - And A First Baby Chicken Called Igor

Roosting Time

Yes that’s me, after a hard day at the office. And my right elbow warmer is Igor – from one of the first batch of chicks we ever hatched and all courtesy of his broody mum!

One chick leads to another and ’suddenly’ (well that’s how it seemed!), we had several pure-breed bantam groups, plus 3 incubators and several broodies all on the go at the same time. Not to mention coops, runs and chickens all over the place.

By this time we had an 8 acre smallholding and poultry were our major activity.

We were both information junkies and were always looking for ways to improve our poultry housing, breeding and incubation arrangements, and to learn from others experience.

And OK, I admit it … maybe I’m a bit of a softie! We had fantastic fun and enjoyment incubating and hatching chicks, but I hated it when chicks failed to complete the hatching process.

That’s why the main objective of this website is to share with you any useful information and experiences we gained by providing a comprehensive resource on hatching chicken eggs and raising baby chicks. 

And especially to help you to achieve the best possible incubation results.

I hope you enjoy our articles and free mini-course …. and if you’re looking for a full-blown guide to successfully hatching chicken eggs and raising baby chicks, then you may want to check-out our ebook ‘Hatching Chicken Eggs Made Easy’.

Wishing you the very best of success, fun and happiness with your wonderful hobby!

Mike Kingston